Shopping can be an adventure



This is one of a chain of 2 stores on the island


Its limited stock is presented well. This store has meat, vegetable, clothing, soft drinks and grocery lines.


Checkout has a bar code reader for quick service.


This is the other 'Island Supermarket'


Motorbike hire...$AU10/day, mine was a band new Chinese 'stepthru' model.


Western Union




The shopping centre

School and stationery supplies

Colonial Insurance

A clothing / sowing needs store

Kerrie spends up big.

Filomena Lodge, where you will find the fine cuisine prepared by Jimmy. Specialty of the house is 'Steamed Fish'


Funafuti's gasoline station #1

Gasoline was $AU1.30/litre


Funafuti's gasoline station #2


Note the speed hump, there's one
of these every 150 metres


Sign above the door of the Taamia Vagalia, showing opening hours

Development Bank of Tuvalu


Corner store near the hotel

Famous for special stamp issues.

The Philatelic Bureau

Tuvalu National Provident Fund

Telecommunications office

Another clothing/material store.


One of Funafuti's 4 taxis


TUVALU Women's Craft Centre
attached to the International Terminal - carries a colourful range of crafts from all the islands and atolls of Tuvalu.