The sea side of the southern end of the island
-looking to the west


- and looking east


The lagoon side of the northern end of the island.

The lagoon side looking west, towards the town.


This is the end of the road travelling west,
that's my $10/day hired bike.


Athough there is almost no soil on the island
coconuts and tropical ground cover thrives.


When driving on Funafuti, watch out for coconuts


Deep sea port, the Australian navy patrol boat
is on the right.


This is the inter-island boat built by the Japanese.


James from Tuvalu radio points out the joint
Australia/Tuvalu landfill project.


The sea side of the eastern end of the island.
The entire length of the coast is rocky.


James soaking up the sun.


One of the guest houses on the northern road.


Nice family style accommodation.


The wreck of the VAN CAMP II, slowly rusting away..


If they patch the holes, it may float away when the sea rises, kidding.


They cheat here, use ladders to pick coconuts.

These pigs are right next to the lagoon.


Meeting hall next to a pub



James called it the International Stadium;
soccerfinals were being played on the
end of the runway.


The game pulled in the crowds.


It's a tough game in 30 degree C temperatures.


So this brings to an end Day 3.

As the sun sets over the lagoon,
both lagoon pictures were taken from
our hotel room balcony.