Vaiaku Lagi Hotel

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel - Dining room

Tuvalu's only hotel, situated a stroll from the International Air Terminal, and across from the Police and Radio Station. Sitting on the shore of picturesque Funafuti Lagoon the Vaiku Lagi has a large dining room, well stocked bar and magic outdoor palm leaf covered areas.

The staff really try hard to please, it's friendly service everywhere you turn, at reception, in the dining room, the bar and the domestics, always with a smile.

Recetion area, Vaiaku Lagi Hotel

Hotel reception desk.

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel - breakfast

...Breakfast, choice of juice, cereals, toast, bacon & eggs and sausages.

Navy Patrol Boat HQ

Australian Navy Patrol building, across from the hotel.

Coco nuts galore

Lots of these around, but its strange nobody offered me one.

Kerrie outside Jimmy's

The islands best Chinese meals, and the only ones.

Lunch at 'Jimmys', attached to the Filomena Lodge, is popular with locals and foreigners alike, for food with an Asian flavour.


..and the meals are good 'chicken'


..and 'lamb'

bank building nr. the airport

Just a few months ago they sealed the road

Motor bikes everywhere

Couple of hoons on a step-through

International terminal luggage truck

International terminal, and the baggage truck

Plane unloads at the terminal

This extra flight arrived on a Friday.

People come from everywhere to watch

..and it brought the kids out.

Planes must cross a public road to reach the terminal

The plane crosses a public road to
offload its cargo.

Planes must cross a public road to reach the terminal

Here the plane is parked next to the road.

This scene repeats 2/3 times a week

Its a real social gathering whenever a flight comes in.

Motor cycles outside the terminal

People come from everywhere, step throughs

Terminal entrance

Front entrance, international airport.

Yes its me..

Bob Girdo with the local kids
Photo by Peter King  --  its in here

If you weren't advised by locals, you would never know that hidden behind that door is a 2 booth internet cafe and the headquarters of, the country's only ISP.

Bargain internt access..

I must admit, if it wasn't for these pictures wouldn't have been posted to the net at the end of each day. What a bargain $au20/5 hours.

James and Talia..  it was a long night.

Kerrie and Bob with James and Talia, Broadcast Engineers from the Tuvalu Media Corporation. Here under the palm leaf shelter of the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel Yes VB (Australian Victoria Bitter) beer was consumed @ $2/can.. we would pay more at many Sydney venues.
photo - Peter King

Oh dear, 'technically' what a historic event, Peter King was in his element capturing these scenes of Engineering hospitality Funafuti style.